The Bread Show

We had a wonderful weekend in the North Carolina mountains visiting friends. This post is to provide a quick link to the bread show we did on Charlotte Cooks not too long ago.

In my mind, the show was a comedy of errors with too hot lights, dough rising way too fast in response to the too hot lights. . . Sometimes, you just have to laugh!

If you want to make m “No-Knead Sourdough Bread“, here is the visual.

Spero, this one’s for you!

I am working on a post about some amazing Greek olive oil I discovered this weekend.
Watch for the next post for a chance to try some too!

6 thoughts on “The Bread Show

  1. had no idea you were a TV celebrity… wow!!! and no idea that you were such a babe! 🙂 you sound so professional (of course, chef!!!) and look so good looking in this video… and if you would like to pass by and look at my bread I would be honored. I baked quite a lot lately.

    • I always find your bread amazing!
      In fact last week while baking a boatload of bread I wondered what you would have thought of a few of the loaves that didn’t turn out so well.
      We ate them anyway. But I thought of you.

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