Chinese Fortune Cookies – How do they know?

How do they know?

A few weeks ago we ordered Chinese take-out. Keeping with tradition, the meals came with fortune cookies.

Most of the time these fortunes are kind of cheesy and don’t really make any sense.

However this one was different:

A few days later I was out for a walk and saw someone down the street, whose home and gardens I greatly admired, outside watering plants. I walked up and introduced myself and have become friends since.

Not being one who makes friends easily this surprised me. It surprised me because I am not very outgoing when it comes to making new friends, I am very private actually.

“Now is the time!”

So now I am reaching out and acting and have found a wonderful world of new friends. I have re-connected with high school friends from 40 years ago. We have lunch, we do make up, we go to museums; we have fun. High school friends are one thing but we went high school in Tokyo, Japan and our classmates are scattered all over the world. Keeping in touch on Facebook led us to discover there are 4 of us from Tokyo living right here in Charlotte.

Another fortune cookie said:

White dinners in Charlotte have gone from a thought, discussion and now we are scheduling events. The first one was full of excitement just to get the project launched. I think it is going to be like lighting a firecracker and it will take off. We already have a waiting list for the September event.

July is Planning month for Charlotte Cooks. Charlotte Cooks is my little TV show for those who don’t know.

I got notice Charlotte Cooks has been picked up by PBS and is now being aired in 13 counties in North and South Carolina.

And then there is this one:

There’s no hiding from it anymore when a fortune cookie calls your bluff.

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