Anaida’s Back!

Just a quick update, my Russian friend got back in the country. Legally, of course, or else I wouldn’t be writing about it.

Our State Senator, our Representative from the House of Representatives, and several prominent members of the education community wrote letters on her behalf.

The letters worked because they granted her permission to come back.

Here is a silly picture of us. We couldn’t stop laughing while trying to take a picture of ourselves. Besides the lighting makes us look like smurfs!

She found out just before she was leaving for her daughter’s wedding in Germany, not knowing where to return to, Russia or USA.

Now she is working on getting a green card.


I went to visit her, we shared a cup of tea and she told me stories while we ate Russian chocolate and sipped tea from her homeland. I’m glad she’s back.

Anaida had this wonderful vegetable carving kit she received as a gift from a friend in Moscow. I really like and teach vegetable carving so I asked if she ever went back could she get me one.

Well dream come true, she did.

This is it:


The set comes with a lovely book totally in Russian. It’s odd to look at a written language and have not one single idea what it means. It looks to me as they use numbers in spelling words.


How do you pronounce that?

This slideshow is what we do with the carving tools using common vegetables and fruit.

Anaida, Welcome back! Everyone is looking forward to seeing you again.