One Lovely Blog Award! I am very flattered to Acorn in my Kitchen for granting this award to Spoon Feast.

Thank you very much.

What fun!

So here goes; 7 facts about me

1) I have lived all over the world and love the diversity of culture and languages. Paris is my favorite city. I intend to be fluent in French one day. Right now I know enough of 3 languages, French, Spanish and Japanese, to get me around and in trouble, but not enough to get me out. After I master French, Italian is next, then Portuguese. It should be easy after the others.

2) Clothes shopping is something I hate doing. Give me something to wear, I’ll wear it.

3) I can’t eat hot stuff anymore, like jalapeno or habanero peppers.

4) I stopped coloring my hair last year. There is a better way to spend time than spending hours in a chair with goop on my head. Wash, rinse, cut, dry, that’s it. I love my stylist, she gives me “sassy” cuts!

5) I went to high school in Tokyo, Japan and stay in touch with classmates.

6) Creativity runs wild in my veins. I have to create things and learn new skills or else I’ll explode. Food photography, photography in general, is a new interest.

7) I make lists of things I want/need to do; lots of lists.

Pass it Along Time!

Next the Lovely Blog Award gets passed on to 15 other bloggers, not particularly about food either.

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That’s all folks!