Things I learned from Blogelina’s “Commentathon”

I just finished participating in a fun activity – Participating in Blogelina’s Commentathon!

The premise is you register an “epic” post worthy of receiving 50 comments. You agree to view, read and leave a meaningful comment on 50 other blogs during a one week period. The Blogelina staff assign groups and sent out an e-mail to participants links to all the blogs in the group. There were 56 blogs in my group.

This is what I learned from reading 50+ blogs and leaving 50+ comments over the last 5 days:

1. There are a lot of Mommie Bloggers out there!

Where were you when I was raising my son? You all would have made it so much easier.

2. Leaving meaningful comments on so many blogs made me feel good.

It’s more about building interactions and starting conversations than counting visitors.

Don’t lurk! Say something kind or meaningful

3. This taught how to improve the quality of the comments I make.

As I read the blogs I looked for something to comment on, something meaningful in some way.  I also noticed there is a great number of people out there who only say things like “great post!” which is fine but say why you think so. Let everyone know whats on your mind and be kind.

4. Good things happen when you get involved!

Beat depression and most other pity parties by volunteering at your local hospital or nursing home. An entire new perspective is waiting for you. Prepare to be changed.

Don’t just sit in your room watching the life parade march by. Be part of the parade.

5. The world is full of generous, sensitive souls.

There is hope after all! Commit random acts of kindness; it’s contagious, makes you feel great and enhances the quality of life all around. You never know when or what you do may have a profound difference in someones day or life.

6. Even with all the mommie bloggers out there, motherhood isn’t easy.

Don’t be afraid to ask and accept help. Cookies go a long way; giving and receiving.

So does chocolate.

7. There is so much to learn about blogging!

I wish there was a group I could join to learn together, or someone to partner with; there are so many options!

8. Everyone needs to prioritize making more quality “ME!” time.

This is something we often let go of when we get busy or ambitious. Making “ME!” time will enhance every aspect of your life.

Write in on your calendar or schedule. You’ll feel a twinge of delight when you say to someone, I’m sorry, I’ve got another appointment at that time. What day or time that would suit you better?”

There is great satisfaction putting your mental health first.

9. Creativity is alive and well and thriving!

Crafts are not just for kids anymore! And you can play with food and then eat it too.

I think it is only polite to photograph someone else’s food after you ask. I was surprised how much my family does not want me to photograph their food.

There are so many ways to use “duck” tape!

10. Families matter most of all.

Sometimes families get broken. Sometimes they get fixed and other times they don’t. Sometimes it’s better left that way. People who hurt you have no room in your life, no matter what the relationship bond.

Families aren’t always blood but those people around you who love you and support you unconditionally. Even if it’s only one person or a hundred.

Some family squabbles can’t be fixed, the damage is too deep. Accept it and move on. You don’t have to dwell on it but improve where you are now.

Accept life isn’t fair. Focus on the positive things in your life.

Keep moving forward.

4 thoughts on “Things I learned from Blogelina’s “Commentathon”

  1. Sounds like fun but hard work to read and comment meaningfully on over 50 blogs in a week! I like to leave meaningful comments but sometimes all I think of is “this was really interesting” so I just lurk and don’t comment. It can be very difficult to get the balance right.

  2. I love this! I learned a lot doing the comment-a-thon, too. (like how hard it is to get to my comment box that I don’t know how to fix lol) I really enjoyed the epic posts I read and all the knowledge I’ve gained over the last few days 🙂

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