Things That Get in the Way of Holidays

“You have pinched the tendons in your wrist. Go easy until it heals and come see me every other day for two weeks”

The mucous sheaths of the tendons on the back ...

The mucous sheaths of the tendons on the back of the wrist. (Extensor indicis proprius visible going into second digit.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. . . easy for you to say at $52.00 a visit. I’m sure lifting the weight of that mula in my wallet will make my wrist better in no time.

Only I can’t type with my left hand. It hurts to stretch to reach the keys and to push down the letters.

I thought I had broken my wrist. It was swollen and painful and wouldn’t move in any direction. I didn’t fall or whack it on anything, just picked up a carton of milk and sharp excruciating pain shot up my arm and then I had “dead-mans hand.”

Is this what I get for wanting one more cookie?

Not broken but just tendons being pinched. Why now?

There is so much to get done for the holidays. Guess it will just take more time and I’ll have to ask for more help to get things done which I am not very good at asking. My stubborn brain keeps me thinking that I can do anything even when I really cannot.

I have to immobilize it at night, which is where we believe the injury first occurred. We think it was hyper-extended while sleeping but why it didn’t show until I picked up that carton of milk I’ll never know.

Mommy and her wrist splint

Movement and activity during the day can help but it seems like it will be a while before it returns to “normal.”

So, in the meantime, Happy Holidays.

Everything will end up in a gift bag this year instead of being wrapped.

The intention of writing many posts over the holidays is a thwarted intention since it is painful to type.

Perhaps it is the Universe telling me to slow down.

Perhaps it is the Universe telling me to learn how to ask and accept help from others.

Perhaps it is just another ill-timed injury that will take time to heal and it has no other significance.

And then again, perhaps it is time to make more cookies and have a cup of cocoa. I like this idea best.

hot cocoa

hot cocoa (Photo credit: elana’s pantry)


2 thoughts on “Things That Get in the Way of Holidays

  1. I think that slowing down, getting a little help, and having someone else make the cocoa and bringing you a cup with a cookie is the way to go. I know you will still enjoy the holidays just at a slower pace…take care.

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