In My Kitchen December 2012

And so here it is, near the end of the year. I love the holidays.

The Christmas china gets put in the cabinets to use on a daily basis, parties get planned and attended, my son comes home and all is good.

Cheesecake on Christmas China

Cheesecake on Christmas China

In my kitchen are fantastic cookie cutters for making sugar cookies. The cookies will be decorated and given to anyone who visits. There are impression cutters and outline cutters. The impression cutters are my favorites; they have been around my kitchen since 1978 and get used every year. I love filling in the designs with all kinds of colors and sparkling sugar. Since I am making some today,  a post on them will soon follow.

All kinds of cookie cutters

All kinds of cookie cutters

I love these impression cutters.

I love these impression cutters.

We are making candles in my kitchen too. While these were made last year, we make them every year for gifts. They are nice to take along when visiting. Kayla made these for her mom last year. It is always nice when it is cold outside as the process goes along quicker.

We made these candles last year for my son's girlfriends mother.

We made these candles last year for my son’s girlfriends mother.

My kitchen is busy making all sorts of gifts.

Here is one of my TV shows loaded  with all sorts of gift giving ideas from my kitchen to yours! Have fun!

Head over to Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial to see all the fun things going on in kitchens across the world.

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen December 2012

  1. I love Christmas gifts from the kitchen!
    We make candles in terra cotta pots and they make lovely gifts, too!
    Thanks for sharing your video- I enjoyed watching you at work!
    Merry Christmas!

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