The “Whole Foods” Attitude

Whole Foods Market

Recently a new Whole Foods Market opened here in Charlotte. While I was initially looking forward to going there, I have changed my mind by attempting to shop at Whole Foods.

The store is quite nice with a nice variety of things to choose to fill your pantry. While prices are a bit high on most things, if you look and study the shelves, you will discover some bargains.

My biggest issue with the store is something they can do nothing about. The attitude of some of the people who shop there is one of a self-absorbed, selfish and horribly rude individual. Unfortunately those with this nasty attitude spoil the entire shopping experience.

Yesterday, while attempting to shop, I was checking out the hot food lunch bar. My cart was literally one side against the counter and there were boxes stacked for some kind of display on the other side. I was walking forward, looking at the lunch offerings, when a nasty attitude woman rammed her cart into the front of mine in an attempt to push me backwards so she could get by.

Another time someone smashed my fingers between the carts while trying to pass a really tight spot that was already full of people trying to go in one direction or another.

English: Customers waiting in line to check ou...

English: Customers waiting in line to check out at the Whole Foods on Houston Street in New York City’s East Village. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) These folks look as if they know how to behave in a crowded shop. Charlotte shoppers, take note!

Each time I exclaimed “There is no need for this kind of behavior! For Christ sake, you are not the only one trying to get through.”

How I would have loved to punctuate the ending with “BITCH.”

So rather than finishing the shopping I had just started, I left the madness behind.

I went to Earth Fare instead. They have better prices on the same products with the same kind of earth/health awareness we like in a grocery store.

There is plenty of parking which is another nightmare at Whole Foods. When it opened, I couldn’t get in for an entire week. The roads leading into the lot were backed up with people just waiting to drive around the lot, let alone find a spot.

Parking is such a nightmare, it inspired a You Tube Video from Los Angeles.

I will not be back. Shopping for food should be an enjoyable experience, not one where you get bashed up, run over, or yelled at for shopping for food. Whole Foods in Charlotte is the most unpleasant place to shop for food.

It would be nice to be able to enjoy some of the specialty bars they offer but I can’t stand the attitude of the shoppers.

They should sample chill pills for the shoppers as most of them need it.

I’ll be going to Earth Fare instead and sipping ounce glasses of wine at home.

4 thoughts on “The “Whole Foods” Attitude

  1. Thanks, you have saved me a lot of frustration had I decided to check it out. Sad to say this but my HT in Matthews is full of the same rude shoppers,my thoughts were maybe it was a surburbia thing, maybe not. Seems the world is filled with people who feel great entitlement. Earth Fare is the best at any rate!

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