Our White Dinner Event

Below is our post on the most recent White Dinner Event we hosted. It is copied from our blog whitedinnerevents.com

The September event, when it finally happened, was a great success!
Saturday, at the initial scheduled start time, the sky opened and it not only rained but thunder and lightning.
We did a quick survey and since most people were available on Sunday, we rescheduled.

Getting ready to attend a White Dinner!

Sunday was gorgeous weather! Behind the storm front, came lower temperatures and less humidity, which made it very pleasant to be outside. We washed and scrubbed the tables then set them into place. It took a team of us to blow up balloons. Next time, we are letting the professionals do it. While it was fun doing it, we could all see how it would be a tiring chore at every event.

Setting up, getting ready for the guests

After so many moving parts, the hour was finally upon us.

Setting the tables

6:30 the first guests arrive to begin the table set up. They are excited and having a lot of fun setting their tables.

Beautiful Table Settings

Carved pineapples,candelabras, lanterns, candles in glass jars and a tree full of white twinkle lights set the stage for a magical evening.

Lovely, elegant tables
And a candelabra!

People arrived as strangers and left as friends.

Opening Toast! Notice the white gloves and candelabra

The light during twilight was an amazing blue.

The sky was Maxfield Parrish blue as twilight waned. You can see it in the sky in some of the photos.

Champagne and Hibiscus

We put hibiscus flowers in champagne. The flowers were preserved in syrup and a luxurious touch. Such a nice treat; Thank you ladies!
After it got dark, each table got a box of sparklers.
Everyone lit their sparkler at different times and it was so much fun!

The sparklers made a soft light making for some nice photos.

The sparklers lit up faces for great photographs. Each sparkler lasted for 1-1/2 minutes.

You could see everyone having a great time.

The Candelabra Ladies!

We talked, exchanged information, numbers and so many names!
It was great to meet the names we have been corresponding with in e-mail.

If you are interested in attending a white Dinner Event, send an e mail request to whitedinnersincharlotte@gmail.com. You will be kept informed of upcoming events.

Also, be sure to visit our website: www.whitedinnerevents.com

NEXT EVENT: Saturday, October 27, 5:30-7:30~8.00 Table set up begins at 5PM
Location not yet determined.

Why 5:30PM?
The events center around the time of sunset. We schedule the event to begin an hour before sunset, move through twilight into night. This is why we schedule them on Saturday; so there is time to rest on Sunday.

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