Warm and Cozy Bedtime Beverage

Warm and cozy Nutmeg Milk

Warm and cozy Nutmeg Milk

This warm and cozy bedtime beverage is quite lovely. It is only warm milk, honey and nutmeg. The nutmeg encourages a comforting sleep and the warm milk envelopes you in warming coziness that allows you to fall asleep easily.

Nutmeg is a relaxing nervine in the herbal world. Caution must be used as too much nutmeg may leave you groggy in the morning. Nutmeg has a way of “time-releasing” some of its qualities so it is best to use less than more.

The best nutmeg to use for this drink is, of course, freshly grated from a whole nutmeg nut.

Myristica fragrans Nutmeg. The picture was tak...

Myristica fragrans Nutmeg. The picture was taken in Zanzibar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)See that red bit? That’s called Mace and can be used like the nutmeg nut found underneath. It’s just a bit stronger and usually comes ground.

Lets talk a bit about nutmeg. We may know it from being sprinkled over the top of holiday eggnog and that might be about it. However, nutmeg is  a spice we should be aware of for many qualities. Add a pinch or two to tomato sauce to add a complex sweetness; I add it to my pepper mill for a great depth of flavor.

Take a sip!

Take a sip!

Personally I love the aroma and flavor of fresh nutmeg. You can use a nutmeg grater or in the absence of that, the smallest side of a box grater or a fine microplane will work to grate the fresh nut.

Nutmeg grater

Nutmeg grater

To make this cozy bedtime beverage, simply warm a cup of milk to warm, add a spoonful of honey and grate a teaspoon of fresh nutmeg over the top. For added luxury, steam the milk with a cappuccino steamer for lots of froth on top.

Sit back and sip, you’ll be yawning and heading for bed before you can finish the cup.

A nice benefit of nutmeg is that it also encourages sweet dreams and reduces stress.

Now who couldn’t use some of that right about now?

Sweet Dreams!

Sweet Dreams!

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