Peppercorn Blend

Peppercorn Blend in a jar

Peppercorn Blend in a jar

Putting together a peppercorn blend is an easy and thoughtful quick gift for the holidays. You can add a peppercorn grinder and other bits and pieces to round out the gift also. But a nice jar of peppercorns is a nice small gift on its own.

Head out to your big box store and buy large containers of black, pink, white, Szechuan and air-dried green peppercorns. equally measure some of each into a large bowl, mix it up.

A variety of peppercorns

A variety of peppercorns

Add a unique element by choosing whole allspice berries, whole cloves, crush a bit of nutmeg or star anise with a mallet and mix this in with the peppercorns for a unique blend.Peppercorn Blend

Package the peppercorns into a nice jar or container, make a cute label and attach to the jar.

There you have it, a quick, simple useful gift.


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