Watermelon Radishes

I am a big fan of radishes. I love all kinds of radishes from daikon to french breakfast radishes, I never tire of crunching on them.

Sometimes they get steamed and called  ‘Baby Pick Turnips‘ so as not to put anyone off by saying ‘cooked radish’.

When I go on a road trip, the typical snack food is some nice crisp radishes and salt right there for snacking as I roll on down the road.

(Far better than junky road food!)

Do YOU like radishes?

French Radishes

Small Snack

8 thoughts on “Radishes

  1. Totally one of my favorite foods!!! Growing up on the farm I couldn’t wait to rub the dirt off, pinch off the root tip and cronch away! What a jolt of joy to the taste buds. Guess what I’m going to eat tomorrow? 🙂

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  3. well… don’t know if it’s better than potato chips 🙂 but I follow you on this one. better than brussels sprouts! nice happy pictures you took.

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