I don’t get it…

Talking about this blog to my friend June the other day revealed an assumption I had made.

“I don’t get it, I can’t relate to the title,” she said. “Spoon Feast, what is it about?”

“Try using more spoons” was my suggestion. Follow these directions:

Start using more spoons.

Notice when you use a spoon, what are you doing with it?
Do you:

  • Spoons
  • Stir with it?
  • Taste from it?
  • Slurp from it?
  • Lick it?
  • Eat from it?
  • Scrape with it?
  • Feed someone?
  • Serve from it?

Spoon are often found with delicious morsels cradled in the using end.
Spoons can be elegant
Spoons can useful
Spoons can be convenient
Spoons go disappearing (So always buy twice as many as you think you need)
Spoons made of shell or horn are used with caviar

What is your favorite thing at the end of a spoon?

A spoonful of homemade chicken soup with a bit of everything, chocolate sorbet with fresh raspberries, Nutella and banana or strawberry or both.

Nutella and Raspberry

Share your favorites!

What do you think?

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