10 Thoughts on 2013

Here are 10 thoughts on the passing of 2013:

1. Truly, what you focus on actually comes to happen. Your thoughts are things and can manifest  that which comes to pass. Be careful. This basic principle has been demonstrated, quite vividly, over and over again, this past year. Good and bad.

When we fill our thoughts with right things, t...

When we fill our thoughts with right things, the wrong ones have no room to enter (Photo credit: symphony of love)

2. Horrible things happen, which have no words to describe, that can break your heart into a million pieces. And in spite of being broken into a million shards, you still have to carry on, smile and be pleasant. It’s not fair, it’s not right and it’s so hard.

3. I’m glad to see 2013 come to an end. I’m ready for a new year. It’s become very clear to me that I want my own business again. That happening is very exciting to me! Hum, What will it be? There are so many possibilities and that’s exciting!

4. Having something to do that you believe in is crucial to a happy life. It’s essential. Without it, life would be shallow, meaningless, hopeless, who wants that?

I love teaching and being around young adults entering the workforce. The energy that comes from my students is an amazing force. There is hope for the world.

5. Doing things for others outside of yourself does amazing things to the soul. Random acts of kindness, volunteer at a hospital or assisted living home, homeless shelter, or  food bank. Count your blessings and give generously in return. Giving generously does not always mean money. Time and talent are commodities greatly needed. A little goes a long way. Once you start doing this, it becomes addictive and you won’t want to stop. I double dog dare you to try it!

6. Sometimes it’s just easier to give up and walk away. If it’s worthwhile, it will come back in a different, less stressful form. Stop fighting and wrestling with things. If it’s giving you a hard time, put it down and walk away. When you return, it will either be gone, calmer, seen from another perspective. Whether it’s installing a cabinet shelf, or a heated discussion with someone or anything at all. “Know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away. . .”

7. Loving someone does not mean they will love you back. You have to be OK with that. You cannot control anyone else’s emotions. Love fully anyway, love always returns, not through the same path sometimes, but it always comes back to you. Don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them, especially your parents and children, husband or wife.

8. You have no influence over what other people say or think about you; so don’t listen. Live your life anyway and have less and less to do with negative people. Get rid of Debbie downer, negative nanny, picky Paul, nasty Nancy, you get the idea. You can choose not to be around those who criticize your every move. To hell with them anyway, they are the ones who would keep you from reaching your goals. There isn’t time for that so  don’t give them any energy. As the British said “Keep Calm and Carry On.”

9. Take a deep breath and know that everything, sooner than later, will pass. Then take another d e e p breath, and let it out very    s l o w l y.

10. Even in the face of adversity, try to find the light. It may be hard, but it is always there, somewhere. Focus on the outcome and what you can do to achieve it. You can always ask, “What am I doing to contribute to this situation?”

The answer to that question will amaze you.

Another approach to dealing with adversity is to take on the perspective of considering yourself the source. With that perspective in mind, what would, could or should  or will you do?

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to ... So it is with these thoughts, I step into creating the vision of where I want to go for the next year.

This next year is going to be exciting and vibrant.

I am looking forward to a better year in 2014.


Hunger in America: How to Help – ABC News

Members of the United States Navy serve the ho...

Hunger in America: How to Help – ABC News.

Do you realize that 1 in 6 Americans is hungry?

If you have food on your table and in your refrigerator consider yourself lucky.

This holiday season I would like to ask that we all do something within our

communities to help those who are hungry, adults and children. Hunger knows no race or age. Hunger is something we CAN do something about.

What can you do?

  • Locate your local food bank- volunteer and contribute
  • Sponsor a food drive at your work. Collect non perishable foods for donation.
  • To be successful gathering food, it helps to offer suggestions as to what you want : canned vegetables, canned soup, dried soup mixes so you don’t end up with all one kind of item.
  • If you know of a family who could benefit from food donation, make a donation basket or box and leave it anonymously.
  • Make a whole bunch of cookies or bread and take it to a Ronald McDonald house or nursing home. Cookies and bread are feel good food and these people deserve to feel better.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen or place that is serving holiday meals to the hungry and homeless.
  • Deliver goodie boxes or baskets to women and children shelters.
  • Get involved with your church groups outreach programs.
  • Start your own community outreach-perhaps something that extends beyond the holidays. Hunger is year round.

The most important thing is to DO SOMETHING!

Please read the link from ABC News regarding Hunger in America. In the link there are ways to donate time, talent, money so we can all do something about hunger.

Please do something, anything at all.

Please take a look at this link from ABC News regarding Hunger in America here to help you identify ways you can make a difference.