In My Kitchen

Another month has passed and again Spoon Feast in joining Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial for another “In My Kitchen” post. Please join in and don’t forget to link back to Fig Jam and Lime Cordial so Celia can add you to the list of participants!

In My Kitchen you can find all different kinds of salt.

Some of the salt in my kitchen

I am a salt freak. Not to eat so much but I am amazed at the different kinds there are.

Two favorites: Himalayan Pink and Fleur de Sel de Geurande

On my dining table is Hawaiian Black Salt and Pink Himalayan.


Close up, steam is supposed to come out of his mouth.

My son gave me this wonderful teapot one year. We were told steam would come out of his mouth but it doesn’t. It is a teapot, not an incense burner. I use this for my herbal teas and love it.

I picked up this crock of herbs the last time I was in Paris. My students brought me back a refill this year. Herbs de Provence are a staple in my kitchen.

Herbs de Provence

This mustard crock has a story. I bought it in Charles de Gaulle airport on my return to the US. At customs in Pennsylvania, the agent wanted to confiscate it but I refused to let them. I had to go back to the bathroom and wash out the mustard, dry the crock and go through customs again. I wanted the crock. Too bad about the mustard.

Mustard crock, but I keep Fleur de Sel in it 🙂

During this time of year I like to make “Sun Tea” by filling my tea jars with water and tea bags and setting them out in the sun until they steep to the desired strength. I bought this tea jar when I was 18 years old, living in a dorm at the University of Miami in Coral gables, FL.

We needed a juice bottle for the refrigerator and my roommate told me it was a waste of money to buy glass, plastic would last longer.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to drink out of plastic so I bought the glass and am still using it nearly 40 years later. (gulp! I did say ‘nearly’!)

The only thing that had worn out is the plastic lid. I keep finding new ones that fit.

The jar is on its tenth new lid so far.

The “Vintage Orange Juice Bottle” used for making sun tea.